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  • Manage all of the various interdependencies and establish a collaborative production management ecosystem while providing an enterprise-wide system of record

  • Provide a “single glass plain view” that enables a synchronized and highly coordinated flow of information by replacing traditional “silos”. The combination of the blockchain and AI provide the best visibility, tighter process control, and solid security.

  • Sacrosanct will give the customer superior services that help customers meet their goals for reducing waste, inventory, and cycle times while improving efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction

  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time to make better decisions about every aspect of manufacturing, including advanced planning, production capacity analysis, Work-In-Process (WIP), inventory turns and standard lead time.

  • Offer a cutting edge enterprise approach to quality, continuous improvement initiatives and compliance, helping you to achieve overall operational excellence.

Sacrosanct technology delivers a end-to-end  software solution for Manufacturing. An open source MES system designed using smart contracts to deliver high quality products with complete traceability to their customers. Sacrosanct integration of processes cover supply chain, PLM, SCADA layers with a focus on production, preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance , quality and labor operations. Our solution has no limitations to the consumers needs. 

Essentially Sacrosanct' s an enterprise rated IT solution. Sacrosanct is a Hybrid Manufacturing Operations Management, or as is abbreviated, MOM and Manufacturing Execution System, or as is abbreviated MES which we now refer to as MES 2.0. Our solution is designed with making the lives of the shop floor worker effortless , error proof, and improve safety throughout the facility. We want the production worker to use minimum screens necessary to complete their daily tasks. We give the Quality technicians and Maintenance technicians everything they need to be successful at their fingertips. Access to BKM's, Schematics, wiring diagrams, and inventory all within a few clicks on phone or tablet. Management can view down on the shop floor and make the necessary changes on production line within seconds. We have built in dashboards that will cover all metrics needed to be ahead of the game. 


Sacrosanct can deliver your projects, both large and small. Organize, plan, and structure your team  and position  the company to be successful.  Sacrosanct' s offers smart contract as a service. using composable manufacturing principles These smart contracts our the building blocks of our manufacturing execution system. smart contracts  execute, monitor, and manage any business process built within. Transformation is now easier to achieve, allows business to compose MES without coding, minimal configuration  and implementation accelerated on a global scale.


Understand your current environment as well as strategize for  your digital transformation. How data is currently gathered  and having short term plus long term game plans to achieve the goals. 


Sacrosanct can deliver your projects, both large and small. Organize, plan, and structure your team  and position  the company to be successful.  Allow the Sacrosanct' s project managers to augment your team. With our program and project management services. We manage the discipline of planning and organizing details, motivating staff, and controlling resources.   


Sacrosanct BAAS delivers  a broad range of benefits like  protecting data, undeniable security, assuring quality data is immutable, transparency and true visibility of the company.

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