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At Sacrosanct Technologies, we  BELIEVE  in complete transparency. We believe you should feel a part of this team as you have invested in our vision. Below you will find a complete Road as of today. More features could come up during the project. Some currentI Ideas couuld fail causing us to pivot but the holders will always  have updated Road map throughout the life cycle of the project. MES is composed of multiple moduies and as such we will break the project into  Phases. Each phase will consist of sprints cycles  and we will be usiing Agile methodology.

Q4 2021
Brainstorm Platform Concepts
1st product Token Creation

1st Website for Token project
Social Media Sites for project
Start Marketing Development Plan
Start White Paper Development

1st Contract Audit Submission from the midnight show
Xmas Eve Private Presale for Whitelisted verified 12/24/2021


Q1 2022​
Token Launch on BCS/ETH 1/1/2021
1st Contest Kick off

Auction WINNER for 1st ever Sacrosanct NFT
2nd Contract Audit Submission
Marketing Plan Phase 1 Execution
Apply for CMC & Coin Gecko Listing1
White Paper posted

Develop Sacrosanct Wallet

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